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Joel B. Hudson - A Personal Attorney Who Believes in a Better Way

My name is Joel Hudson. I believe there is a better, different way to handle injury claims. I believe the focus should start on treating the person like a person, not a number, and continues throughout the entire claim process with continual client communication and adjuster updates. I have found that the extra client attention we provide, that many other Dallas law firms do not, leads to happier clients, happy adjusters who also appreciate being updated, and much higher injury settlement amounts. I have been practicing personal injury law for nearly 20 years now. I truly understand how an injury can affect a person’s entire life, including that of the injured person’s family. Many of my clients call me the “personal” attorney because of my Firm’s standard of care, not only about maximizing a sizeable injury settlement for our clients in the shortest time possible, but also in helping the client with all the other interruptions in life that result from a car accident or other personal injury. That is why at Hudson Law Firm, we mean it when we say, “We put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.”

Distinct From Other Attorneys, With Truly Inside Experience

Whether you know it or not, your injury claim will be a battle against a “For-Profit” insurance company. Another key that sets me apart from other Dallas injury attorneys, is my inside experience and knowledge of how the insurance industry operates. Before starting Hudson Law Firm in 2007, I worked for many years representing large insurance companies. Therefore, I am keenly aware of the tactics used by large insurance companies to take advantage of injured people that do not have an attorney. A highly trained adjuster will be assigned to your claim with the sole job of paying you the least amount possible, if not deny your claim altogether. Before you take any action or make a statement against your interest, I want every injured claimant to know and understand exactly why the insurance adjuster is being so nice. Just because an adjuster is being nice (usually only at first), does not mean they intend to pay a fair and reasonable amount for everything you lost after legitimately getting hurt by a negligent driver, careless company, or unsafe property owner. When someone does not contract with an injury attorney, so many times the injured person discovers way too late (and after many mistakes were made early in the process) that the insurance adjuster is not there for them “like a good neighbor” and all along they definitely were not “in good hands.” Moreover, the insurance company does not truly feel the threat of a lawsuit when dealing with a non-attorney and it will show with the low-ball offer you will receive.

Moreover, the insurance company does not truly feel the threat of a lawsuit when dealing with a non-attorney and it will show with the low-ball offer you will receive.

When I used to work for the dark side, I successfully defended against hundreds of personal injury claims at several large, insurance defense law firms in Dallas, Plano, and Fort Worth. All along, I knew my heart was in helping injured people, instead of large insurance companies. Fortunately, the inside knowledge I gained from defending insurance companies for so long is now tremendously valuable in my own law firm, successfully negotiating hundreds of claims for our injured clients. My background makes me intimately familiar with how insurance companies operate and how adjusters think. I know exactly what evidence an insurance adjuster needs to be able to document their claim file and justify to their boss why they are paying top-dollar for your personal injury claim. I utilize my inside experience and industry knowledge to stop insurance adjusters from taking advantage of you, your family, and your financial situation. Personal injury law is all my Firm does and we love it. My Firm will see to it that you and your entire family are made whole again.

Not an Injury Claim Factory

Most of our clients appreciate the fact that my Firm does not handle any and all claims. I refuse to run an impersonal, personal injury claim factory. We are blatant about our intention to be different than other injury firms. We want each of our clients to know we are committed to justifying the Firm’s fee on all personal injury claims, so our Firm only accepts injury claims that can be taken personally. If your injury claim is chosen as one that we can take personally, our Firm will handle the claim on a contingency-fee basis, giving you the utmost care and respect you deserve. This means our Firm only gets paid out of the money attained for your injury claim, but our Firm does not charge any extra for caring about you during the claim process.

Free Claim Evaluation

Furthermore, our Firm provides a free claim evaluation in which you will be advised as to whether your injury claim is one for which our Firm can justify its fee. The Firm’s fee is only justified if the result will be more money in your pocket (even after taking the Firm’s fee out of the eventual settlement) than if you were to handle your own claim. Likewise, I know that many of you want to take your best shot at handling your own injury claim before calling an attorney. I will be the first to tell you there are some smaller claims for which an attorney may not be necessary. This is especially true if you have not treated with a doctor or you only went to a doctor once. However, many of our clients do not have health insurance or cannot afford a doctor, so we will find you a doctor in our network who will treat you now and get paid later out of your injury settlement. Even if you and our Firm decide not to work together, you will still be provided a free claim evaluation and also be given some strategies to help maximize your claim yourself. Nevertheless, you should visit with our Firm as early in the process as possible, before certain mistakes are likely made that can dramatically affect your injury claim. should visit with our Firm as early in the process as possible, before certain mistakes are likely made that can dramatically affect your injury claim.

Free Article – Do Not Let the Insurance Company Make More Profit at Your Expense

I do not want the large insurance company to make more profit at the expense of those wrongfully injured. If you still chose not to seek a free claim evaluation, I would still like to provide you with my insightful, free article titled: “Top 10 Injury Claim Mistakes.” My free article will address some of the most common mistakes made by persons who handle their own injury claims that either diminish or destroy the value of their claims. Many of our clients are surprised to discover that many of the biggest mistakes they made were unwillingly committed within the first day or two of the incident that caused their injury, usually from pressure put on them, information withheld from them, or misinformation given to them by an insurance adjuster. Before you talk to the insurance company or take any action regarding your injury claim, please either call for a free claim evaluation or read my free article because some mistakes cannot be corrected by an attorney later.

You can order your free copy of my free, vital article now by going to our Home Page and clicking on the book icon “Top 10 Injury Claim Mistakes.”

Personal and Professional Background

My name is Joel B. Hudson. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I was a four-year Army ROTC Scholarship recipient, which is how I paid for college at Texas Christian University. In addition to being one of the top cadets in my unit at TCU, I also played for the TCU varsity soccer team, was elected Secretary of the TCU Student Body, was chosen to be a Resident Assistant, was selected to be part of the TCU Student Foundation (Top 1% selected for alumni relations), and earned a spot as an Orientation Student Advisor to the incoming freshman class. I earned my B.A. degree in Communication Studies in 1992, but also graduated TCU with a minor in Business. I later attended graduate school at the University of North Texas, where I was a Teacher’s Assistant in charge of teaching speech communication classes to three sections of incoming freshman. After graduate school, I attended law school at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in downtown Fort Worth, now known as Texas A&M University School of Law. During law school, I was active with the Student Bar Foundation and was a member of The Order of Barristers, competing on Moot Court competitions for the school. Before earning my J.D. degree in 1998, I was a law clerk for one of the largest law firms in Fort Worth during my last year of law school, which turned out to be where I started practicing law full-time after passing the bar exam and receiving my law license in 1998. I worked for several large firms in Fort Worth, Plano, and Dallas, successfully defending hundreds of personal injury cases for some of the largest insurance companies in the country for many years. In 2007, I decided to follow my true passion by opening Hudson Law Firm in Carrollton, Texas. I am now only dedicated to helping injured people by putting Personal back into Personal Injury Law.

I was a past Secretary of the Collin County Bar Association, Civil Litigation Section, and I am also a member of the Dallas Bar, Denton Bar, and State Bar of Texas. I am admitted to practice law before all Texas State Courts and U.S. District Courts in Texas, including the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court.

I live in Carrollton, Texas, with my wife, Carissa, and my son, Blaine. I am happily married to the first girl I ever asked to a Homecoming dance in high school (although she said no back then and always had a boyfriend in high school). To me, my wife is the most beautiful person I have ever met. It was only after we were married for several years that we both discovered that we actually attended the same preschool in Fort Worth at age four. While I used to coach my son’s soccer team, I still never miss my son’s soccer games. Other than spending time with my family and friends, I love to travel, read, and watch sports. While I always root for all the local sports teams, I am mostly an avid NFL football fan and Dallas Cowboys fan at heart. My fantasy football team is named “Gross Negligence” and it is always the team others in the league do not want to face in the playoffs.

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