What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Here are some online comments posted by many of our injury clients we have been able to help:

Very best attorney I had ever dealt with.

"I was the passenger in a car accident that was not the fault of the driver of the car I was in and I was referred to Joel Hudson by a family member. He is prompt, personal and professional. Anytime I had a question, he was courteous and knowledgeable. He puts the PERSONAL back into PERSONAL INJURY. I can’t recommend him enough! His assistant is always friendly and concerned with my needs as well. Call this guy, you won’t be sorry you did!"

— Gary V., an auto accident client

Best in north Texas.

“My wife and I used Hudson Law Firm to represent us in an auto accident. Joel did the best job of representing us. We received a great settlement. I would say the Hudson Law Firm is the best in north Texas.”

— Dalton D., a spouse of client in rear-end auto collision, back surgery

Caring Attorney who knows his stuff

“Caring Attorney who knows his stuff! I retained Joel for my car accident because when we first met I got the impression that he would give my case personal attention versus having a legal assistant do all of the work. He kept true to his word and we settled my case in the time frame that we discussed at our first meeting. Joel isn't in it "just for the money." He truly cares about people and helped me move beyond some of the personal issues that arose due to my accident. I can't recommend him highly enough.”

— Ken L., a car accident client

Great Lawyer that cares about you

“Great Lawyer that cares about you! I called Joel Hudson after I was hurt in a car accident. He was very concerned wanting to know what happened. He gave me his recommendation of actions he wanted to implement right away then he explained to me what was going to happen in our long term plan about this case. Everything that Joel said was going to happen did end up happening. So I was never surprised or blindsided by any of the actions the other side tried to throw at us, which was very comforting. My experience with Joel Hudson was outstanding! He keeps you informed of any new developments along the way so I always felt like I was important enough to be in "the loop" and not just any other client.”

— Angelo C., a client requiring neck surgery after a car wreck

He does put the personal in personal injury

“I was in a car accident last year and I initially tried to work with the car insurance people myself. Let me just say, they are trained to give you the lowest possible number and they don't care about you or your rights. I realized after a few months that I needed help so I went with Joel Hudson since he was already on my fiancé’s case as he was the passenger. He does put the personal in personal injury. He has gone up against the insurance agency and secured a proper settlement for myself and my fiancé. Any time I ever had a question, no matter how stupid it was, he answered it. His assistant is a bubbly and friendly woman who I always liked talking to. They never made me feel like I was wasting their time and a bother. It is rare to find an attorney that isn't just after your money. Joel is NOT an ambulance chaser or like Lionel Hutts on the Simpsons! He sure isn't a shyster who advertises on TV like some of the ones I see on late night TV. It is refreshing to find an attorney that is personable and honest and he worked hard on my case! He is awesome and a very good attorney. He does a great job and I highly recommend his firm.”

— Melody S., a car accident client

Great guy and great attorney who attains great results

“Joel Hudson will fight for you. After catching my foot in a hole in a sidewalk and injuring myself badly, I figured I had a 50/50 chance of receiving anything. I was referred to Hudson Law Firm and decided it was worth a call. I am now so glad I made that call. Thankfully, from the settlement Mr. Hudson attained for me, all of my medical bills were paid in full and I received an unbelievably large amount for my pain and suffering. It was a Happy, Happy, Happy day when Joel presented me with the check! He did not give up on me or the system and fought to the bitter end to get me what I deserved. I can't thank him enough. I would highly recommend him to help you with whatever your claim is, because he is a great guy and great attorney who attains great results!”

— Tamara R., a premises liability injury client

He literally saved the day

“I am posting this review because if anybody deserves a good review, it is this attorney - Joel Hudson. We, actually my wife, sustained a severe injury and landed in the emergency room because of the negligence of our corporate-owned apartment complex. I was referred to Joel Hudson of the Hudson Law Firm and I am sure glad that I was. Right away, Joel personally came out to visit us in our home to see first-hand about what was going on around here. I was somewhat shocked at how an attorney could be so soothing with unquestionable character. He listened first, then asked questions and had true compassion about our situation and what we were going through. He immediately came to the conclusion that we were wrongfully done and just clicked right into action. We were delighted that we actually had somebody good and who cared. He attained a six-digit settlement for us, including a separate settlement for me, too. He literally saved the day! The smoothness of this man prevailed in our case against “corporate” if you can believe that. It is my opinion that, if you need a man of action, Joel Hudson will, without a doubt, get the job done!”

— Wayne T., spouse of a premises liability injury client, who also got a settlement

Call this guy, you won’t be sorry you did

I was the passenger in a car accident that was not the fault of the driver of the car I was in and I was referred to Joel Hudson by a family member. He is prompt, personal and professional. Anytime I had a question, he was courteous and knowledgeable. He puts the PERSONAL back into PERSONAL INJURY. I can't recommend him enough! His assistant is always friendly and concerned with my needs as well. Call this guy, you won't be sorry you did!

— James C., a client who was a hurt passenger in car accident

A winning combination – caring and great results

Joel is a fantastic personal injury attorney. He gets great results for his clients, and he truly cares about them. A winning combination! I would recommend him to all of my friends, family and clients.

— Jessica O., a personal injury client

An attorney who’s honest, caring and plays it straight

After my auto accident, I wasn’t sure what to do. From the moment I contacted Mr. Hudson he stepped in and took control of my claim. Thanks to him, my claim was settled quickly, and I have been able to recover from my car accident with proper care and peace of mind. I have utilized Mr. Hudson on multiple cases and feel blessed to have found an attorney who’s honest, caring and plays it straight. I would highly recommend Hudson Law Firm for your personal injury needs.

— Michelle C., a three-time auto accident client

Made me feel as though I was their top priority

I am beyond impressed with the service provided by the good folks at Hudson Law Firm. Everyone I've dealt with has been exceptionally honest, empathetic, and knowledgeable. I came to Joel after sustaining an injury from an accident at a grocery store, and from day one Mr. Hudson (and the entire staff) made me feel as though I was their top priority. Furthermore; Joel fought for me, and got me a settlement that I am very happy with. I will be referring anyone I know who ever finds themselves in need of personal injury representation to Hudson Law Firm, assuredly.

— Allen W., a slip and fall injury client

True advocate in your corner

Joel Hudson did an outstanding job representing me in obtaining a settlement for an automobile accident in which I was a passenger. He handled all of the communication and paperwork with the insurance companies, healthcare professionals and creditors. I would recommend Mr. Hudson and his professional staff to anyone who needs a true advocate in their corner during a personal injury incident.

— Steve F., a client hurt as a passenger in an automobile accident

Genuinely cares and helped me every step of the way

I would recommend Joel Hudson to anyone pursuing a favorable personal injury settlement. He helped me every step of the way along with his staff in dealing with insurance companies, creditors and hospitals. He helped me in a time of need when I was beginning to lose hope in the system in being treated fairly and obtaining a favorable settlement in a car accident that was no fault of my own. If you need an attorney that genuinely cares about you and getting you a favorable settlement, call Mr. Hudson.

— Scott F., a car accident client

Fought hard for me and got me a sizable settlement

One night when walking my dog, I stepped on one of many nails that had not been properly picked up after a roof replacement on a building in my apartment complex. The nail went through the bottom of my shoe and cut the big toe on my right foot almost down to the bone, which was very painful. I went to several doctors because the damage it caused to my toe was extensive. I was frustrated after the roofing company agreed to pay my medical bills at first, but then just blew me off. After first getting turned down by 7 other attorneys because I did not have health insurance at the time, I called and spoke with Mr. Joel Hudson. Joel was very courteous, caring, helpful, and agreed to take my case. He fought hard for me and got me a sizable settlement! I could not have done it without Mr. Hudson. I highly recommend Joel Hudson to anyone that has been injured because he is both an excellent attorney and person.

— Angela L., a premises liability injury client

Completely exceeded our expectations. . . We were truly speechless

Mr. Hudson completely exceeded our expectations. I got in a very bad car accident in July of 2014. Fortunately, I was not at fault. When I presented our case to Mr. Hudson I felt extremely comfortable. He assured us, that my wife and I would both be very satisfied at the end. We had our doubts, not about him, but about our case in general, but when I finally received the call stating how much we would have in our pockets from this settlement we could not believe it!!!! We weren't just satisfied with the results, we were truly speechless. Mr. Hudson took care of us from the beginning of this process till the very end, even when hard times came he never disappointed us. They really take the time to get to know you and to take care of you. I don't know what we would've done without him. I strongly recommend Mr. Hudson to anyone who is in need of a personal injury lawyer. He will exceeded your expectations. Thank you Mr. Hudson and Sam for doing such an amazing job!

— Mario S., a client badly hurt in a T-bone car accident, wife also received a settlement

Most of all they care

I highly recommend the Hudson Law Firm. Joel and his staff offer prompt, personal, and professional services. They take care of their clients and most of all they care!

— Teresa E., a slip and fall injury client

He made me happy

I happen to approach Joel Hudson to deal with my accident claim with 3rd party Insurance few months back. He was very helpful in dealing on behalf of me and took care of everything in a very professional manner. He was able to help me recover all my medical costs and pain and suffering claims. Asked lot of questions collected lot of documentation and at the end he made me happy. He was great to work with.

— Ravi R., a car accident claim client

Joel Hudson by far exceeded my expectations

First, I would like to start off by saying that Joel Hudson by far exceeded my expectations while he was representing me during my personal injury. Months ago I was in a car accident that was not my fault, and I was unable to work for a while. Mr. Hudson went so far out of his way to show me that he cares for his clients that he actually drove to my house to meet with me about my accident because I had no way of driving to his office. I have had attorneys in the past and most of them seemed to be way too busy and treated me as just another client. Mr. Hudson was much different though; he truly cares about his clients. He made sure that he met my needs and did everything to take the stress and hassle away from me while I was dealing with my personal injury case. He always stayed on top of everything and always called me when he got new information about the case. Mr. Hudson's legal assistant was very caring and helpful as well. I also ended up getting much more money for my personal injury claim than I expected! Hudson Law Firm did a fantastic job handling my personal injury and I strongly recommend hiring him if you are injured in a car accident. I will surely be using him again if I am ever in another accident.

— Ryan M., a car accident client

You won’t be disappointed

My wife found Joel online after my car accident. We felt that Hudson Law Firm was the right choice because of all of the positive reviews. Our choice was a good one. He handled our case in a very professional manner, and was careful to explain each step in the process. I received a sizeable settlement at the end. Choose Mr. Hudson...you won't be disappointed!

— Tim R., a client injured in a car crash

Selecting Mr. Hudson to represent me was the right choice

I found Joel Hudson law firm online after my car accident. After reading some of the reviews posted for both his firm and another I knew selecting Mr. Hudson to represent me was the right choice. Mr. Hudson and his staff immediately got working to secure me the assistance I needed as this was my first injury accident. I am more than grateful to him and his wonderful staff for being able to settle my claim with all the various providers for just pennies on the dollar. They were even able to provide me with a settlement which I was not expecting. If you ever find yourself seeking a personal injury attorney I would highly suggest Joel Hudson Law Firm!

— Rebecca V., a truck accident client

More than surprised and pleased at the speed of their work

Joel Hudson did an amazing job with my personal injury case when I was involved in a major car accident at which I was not at fault. From beginning to end, him and his staff were amazing and very helpful in all steps related to taking care of the case, obtaining the proper care for my injuries and sharing information that helped move everything along in a smooth and concise fashion. The settlement process took no time at all once Joel Hudson and his staff got to work on my case and I was much more than surprised and pleased at the speed of their work and the speed in which I received my settlement funds. Joel Hudson and his staff are nothing short of professional, and I am blessed to have found such an understanding and customer oriented practice for my needs. I will surely recommend anyone involved with a personal injury case to seek out Joel Hudson and his staff. You will surely be taken care of, of that I'm 150% confident of.

— Joseph L., a multi-car wreck client

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