Should I Handle My Own Injury Claim or Get an Attorney?

If you have just been injured in an accident, most likely you need to know what to do now. You could be getting calls from an insurance company already and asking yourself whether you should you use an attorney or try to handle your own injury claim.

My name is Joel Hudson.

Make no mistake about it, insurance companies are “For Profit” businesses. Even though their cute jingle may state “You are in good hands” or they are “Like a good neighbor,” the insurance company will not be on your side at this point.

The insurance adjuster will not willingly compensate you for all of the pain, injuries, and many interruptions the accident has likely caused you and your family.

In fact, even if the adjuster is being nice, please understand that they are trained to take advantage of the hardships caused by the accident. After all, the adjuster’s only job is to either: (1) somehow deny your injury claim, or (2) pay out as little as possible. This is true, even if you are dealing with your own insurance company.

When you try to handle your own injury claim, the insurance company will not truly feel the threat of a lawsuit coming from a non-attorney. Never mind the fact that our Firm will take the burden of dealing with the insurance company off your plate so you can focus on getting well. The insurance adjuster knows that accident victims are not experienced in this field and do not know how much the insurance company should pay or how much it has paid on similar cases.

Additionally, adjusters know that injury victims are unaware of important legal deadlines, of the process of preserving evidence, getting necessary reports, and working with professional medical facilities. This is a short list of the various reasons why it is best for you as an accident victim to at least call us for a free consultation before you do or say something that may sabotage the value of your injury claim.

We invite you to check out our three guarantees so you can have complete confidence that you will get more money in your pocket with our Firm on your side than you can get on your own. We also invite you to get a copy of our free article: Top 10 Injury Claim Mistakes, or just pick up the phone today to call us for a free claim evaluation. We look forward to the opportunity to show you how “We put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.”

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